• 3Bs Tribute band drum kit with stage logo for Bee Gees Beach Boys and Beatles
  • 3Bs Tribute band Bee Gees photo from the early days
  • 3Bs tribute band Beatles photo with the Abbey Road theme
  • 3Bs Beach Boys photo with 60's surfboard  taken at Curl Curl beach on Sydneys Northern beaches.

  • About Us

    Rockin Ron Gaydon on guitar and vocals has performed  in many bands over many years, including Topaz and Beat Street. Ron has had a recording and writing contract with Festival Records. He sites some of his career highlights as an appearance on Countdown, and working with bands like 'Split Enz' and 'The Richard Clapton Band'. 

    The Australian Beatles Show. Ron plays the part of John Lennon in the 3Bs Beatles cover bandThe Australian Beach Boys Show. Ron Gaydon Sings all the Beach boys songs as Mike Love, and doubles on guitar. He rocks the house with his vibe and energy. The Australian Bee Gees Show. Bee Gees tribute band, The Beatles tribute band, and The Beach Boys tribute band.

    Steve Stanley adds his brilliant vocal and keyboard abilities to the 3B's with  a passion. Steve believes in the faithful recreation of the music, and with his 20+ years of playing in bands like 'Caboose', 'Mantis' and 'Beat Street' to name a few, is a valuable member of this foursome. 

    The Australian Bee Gees Show. Bee Gees tribute band. Steve Stanley also plays Al Jardine in the 3Bs Beach Boys Show and Paul McCartney in the 3Bs Beatles covers band. The Australian Beach Boys Show. Steve Stanley as Al Jardine in the 3Bs Beach Boys ShowThe Australian Beatles Show. Steve Stanley as Paul McCartney in the 3Bs Beatles Show

    Steve Marquis joined the band in 2014. Steve brings a wealth of experience, and is one of the hottest bass players around. He also adds his vocal harmonies to the band 

    The Australian bee gees show. Dave Pye as Barry Gibb from the 3Bs Bee Gees Tribute ShowThe Australian Beach Boys Show. Dave Pye as Brian Wilson in the 3Bs tribute to the Beach Boys.Sydney Bee Gees Show. Australian Bee Gees Show. Bee Gees Tribute.

    Brett Slade on drums and vocals joined the band in 2010.  Brett has performed thousands of gigs over the years.  Playing with bands such as 'Angry Sally', 'Recover' and 'Pyjama Party to name but a few.  His never ending energy on stage brings life to the music. Brett currently teaches drums on Sydney's Northern Beaches.  

    The Australian Bee Gees Show. Bee Gees Tribute. Bee Gees Cover band.The Australian Beach Boys Show. Brett Slade as drummer in the 3Bs tribute Show to the Bee Gees, Beach Boys and the Beatles.  The Australian Beatles Show. Brett Slade performs as the drummer in the 3Bs Show Bee Gees Cover band, Dennis Wilson in the Beach Boys Show and Ringo Starr in the Beatles tribute.